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I spent all week prepping for my build. I read and re-read the terrible assembly instructions (more on that later), did a good deal of research to fill in the gaps, and spent time prepping my workspace. I bought a beat up stainless steel table that came out of a restaurant kitchen to use as […]

In the week since my last QuadCopter post I’ve made a ton of progress. As I mentioned, the learning curve is steep, so I spent most of my spare time doing research to make sure I’m getting everything (and the right everything) I need for a successful build. I’ve also ordered a whole bunch of […]

After a mind numbing last few weeks at work, I realized a thing I already knew: I need to be building things. I haven’t built a thing in months, and I’m going slowly mad from it. I’ve got tons of partly-imagined and half-realized projects. After some brainstorming, thumbing through my catalog of hobby bookmarks, paging […]