I’m building a Quadcopter

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Projects, quadcopter
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After a mind numbing last few weeks at work, I realized a thing I already knew: I need to be building things. I haven’t built a thing in months, and I’m going slowly mad from it. I’ve got tons of partly-imagined and half-realized projects. After some brainstorming, thumbing through my catalog of hobby bookmarks, paging through notebooks and computer files full of have completed projects, and considering what I really wanted and need from a new project, (namely, something I could have a lot of fun with once it’s done!) I decided I need to build something that could fly. Hence, multi-copter!

What is a multi-copter? THIS:


My eventual goal is to build something similar, an Octocopter that can support a Red Epic camera, but I’m going to start small. my first stage is to learn to build and fly a Quad Copter. I’ve chosen an ArduCopter based kit called the 3DR Quad-Copter. ArduCopter is an Arduino-based open-source flight controller and autopilot for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. The kit comes complete with the board, GPS, motors, frame and wiring, and has enough power to support a GoPro or similar small sport camera. I’ll also be purchasing an RC radio and batteries.

Multi-copters present a lot of complexity. The information, while freely available, is hard to find and distributed across a lot of different web sites and forums. My second goal for this project is to document my learning process and hopefully provide newbies like myself a simpler getting started resource so that the learning process isn’t so daunting in the future.

I’ve ordered my kit, radio, and batteries, and I’m looking forward to taking delivery next week! Stay tuned!

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